Our CNC press brake project has been designed to meet the current requirements of the market in an innovative manner. This is why we have attached great importance to certain features like users’ ergonomics, installation and maintenance. However, the functionality we have best taken care of is the CNC. Here is a focus on this innovation that provides a wide range of possibilities.


Our wish was to provide a universal CNC that would allow time saving both in the initial training of the operator and in the daily use of our press brake. We have selected a computer numerical control by DELEM, a manufacturer renowned for its know-how. There are three different programming modes available: The “manual” mode allows for a programming according to bending depth and ensures a very progressive variation of the penetration of the punch into the die; the “X=alpha” mode enables an angular programming by automatically calculating the press force, the penetration of the tool, the bend allowance and the height of the fingers according to the thickness and quality of the material to be bent; and finally the graphic mode enables to enter a 2D or 3D drawing thanks to the digital touchscreen of the NC control which then automatically performs a calculation of dimensions and angles of the outline providing a range of bending options based on the various parameters entered by the operator.


Our press brake has especially been designed to rationalize productivity in the workshops. It enables the operator to work with a remote software while production is running at the press brake. The CNC also provides opportunities to work directly on the machine, without exporting. With its educational and universal functionalities, engineers and operators only need a short time to become familiar with the machine and as a result there is no slowdown in the production.

If you wish to learn more about our press brake and its CNC, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to send a detailed documentation.