On 6th December last, the first presentation day of our compact press brake took place in our showroom. We decided we would dedicate this day to the press brake especially designed for vocational training, a field for which we provide particularly innovative solutions. Retrospect on this day that was rich in exchanges.


This day was especially devoted to education, but we also inaugurated our showroom and showed our guests for the first time our compact press brake in action. On this occasion, we had invited schools offering trainings in boiler making, metal processing, steel carpentry, mechanical engineering and production engineering. About ten schools accepted the invitation, their instructors came and discovered our ALPHAPLI range of products. Also a number of students participated in this day, which gave us the opportunity to discuss with them directly about their expectations within the frame of their trainings. This day was particularly rich in exchanges and enabled us to take in a more personal manner the terms of references of all directors of departments and heads of GMP departments.


Our compact press brake is particularly suitable for education purposes. It has been designed to meet the new market requirements, particularly with its universal and educational CNC. Its various setups enable to provide a personalized training according to the students’ level, from VTQ level to more specialized courses. We have moreover developed education packs that can be personalized and adapted to school curricula and enable teachers to show in an operational manner how to operate our press brakes.

If you wish to learn more about our compact press brake and its applications in the field of education, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to share with you about it.